NBL Talks

Oslo, Norway
Summer 20

After having successfully navigated our first ever digital talk in May with Waugh Thistleton Architects, we are looking forward to our second talk of the semester with Minna Riska and Helge Lunder from MDH Architekter in Oslo. Continuing our semester focus on urban timber construction, MDH gained significant publicity in 2016 with their Moholt Timber Towers project, an 8-storey student housing project in CLT which was recongnised with a number of prizes and short listed for the 2018 Mies Van der Rohe Award. Since then they have also completed a timber kindergarten and library as part of the same Moholt student village masterplan. We are looking forward to hearing more about MDHs projects and the way that timber construction is heading in Norway.

The talk will be held via zoom and the link will be posted here nearer to the event. 

Thursday 25.06.2020

Link via zoom
Password: 296556

Image: © MDH Architects, Moholt Timber Towers (MDH Architects)

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