Post-Fossil City Exhibition

Impulse Project as part of the “Chaos & Aufbruch Berlin:1920 2020”
Exhibition in Märkisches Museum Berlin

Summer 20

We had the chance to contribute an impulse project to the “Chaos & Aufbruch Berlin:1920 2020” Exhibition,  in Märkisches Museum Berlin. The theme of the exhibition is to draw comparisons between the time of rapid change and growth that followed the founding of Groß Berlin in 1920, and the challenges facing a rapidly expanding Berlin 100 years later in 2020.

Our contribution “Post-Fossil City” was developed by Natural Building Lab in collaboration with collective Team Dis+Ko and focuses on the challenges of building in a climate emergency. We all know that the building sector relies heavily on materials such as concrete, steel and glass, the widespread use of these and many other energy intensive non-recyclable materials has caused the industry to become one of the world’s biggest polluters. We believe that building for an expanding Berlin in 2020 requires a new focus on natural building materials and especially the use of timber, a resource abundant in the wider Berlin Brandenburg region.

In the project “Post-Fossil City” we have had the chance to showcase work from a number of our design studios and thesis projects from the last few years, as well produce some original new content. The exhibition also features a Post-Fossil City Vision illustrated by artist Flore Vigneron. 

The exhibition “Chaos & Aufbruch Berlin:1920 2020” in Märkisches Museum is running from 26.08.2020 - 30.05.2021. You can find more information about the prices and opening hours on the website of Stadtmuseum Berlin.

Deutschlandfunk  “Wie Berlin über Nacht zur drittgrößten Metropole wurde”
rbb Beitrag “Kultur Magazin”
Baunetz Meldung

Images: © Matthew Crabbe

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