MA Thesis Kolloqium

Summer 19

The transformation to a post-fossil future will require change on all scales. We believe that the next generation of architects have a key role to play in defining how we respond to the huge challenges posed by climate change and the increasing social costs of maintaining our global urban lifestyle. This task will require a new kind of designer, one less concerned with the self-consuming discourse of the profession, and more orientated outwards, more focussed on designing buildings that can instigate and embody change processes aiming towards inclusion, equality and co-existence. These values will be a central part of our process this semester, we want to work together with real actors, contexts and materials to generate visions for new post-fossil spaces for change in Berlin.

End Presentation  
Am 11. Oktober 2019 in der Werkstatt des NBL im Hinterhof der Ackerstraße 76, 13355 Berlin.

9:00      Guten Morgen!
9:30       Daniel Milbrandt
10:30     Floyd Doerre
11:30      Team DIS+KO
13:30      Mittagspause!
14:30      Sebastian Barrett
15:30       Mohamad Naksho
16:30      Daniel Heuermann 
17:30       Anna Plückbaum & Florian Hauß
18:30      David Leinen
19:30      Ausklang!
(Grober Ablaufplan)

Image: © Natural Building Lab

constructive design &
climate adaptive architecture
Technische Universität Berlin
Institut für Architektur, Sek. A44
Straße des 17. Juni 152
10623 Berlin