MA Hochbau II Entwurf

A performative post-fossil museum

Summer 19

Our society is increasingly built on the consumption and commodification of resources, goods and knowledge to the detriment of our planet and wellbeing. This semester in our search for a “post-fossil” architecture, we will be reflecting on how we built and survived in simpler times…

In the 60s archaeological excavations uncovered the remains of a middle age settlement, on the site of what is now the Museumsdorf Düppel in Zehlendorf. Since then the open-air museum has allowed visitors to experience a way of life based on handcraft and an existence in harmony with nature. Today Düppeln is looking to position itself as a place of education and participation. With the help of a new building constructed in a performative participatory process, the museum will aim to convey visitors with an understanding for ecological natural building materials, crafts and techniques – especially using the materials earth and timber.

The Studio will be run in collaboration with the Fördererkreis des Museumsdorfes Düppel e.V.  with a PIV offered by FG DE/CO & Konstruktive Vertiefung by TEK.

Team Members
Angelina Thieer, Christian Caris, Christin Repp, Clara Salaun, Daniel Dieren, Esraa Refaat, Fernanda Gomez, Katia Schmit, Katie Hubbard, Leoni Weyrauch, Linda Gehrenbeck, Liri Roman, Luis Alvarez Ayuso, Maha Hassan, Marieke le Neun,  Marta Jimenez Arevalo, Miranda Rigby, Monika Pawlak, Pablo De Britto Tavares, Paula Vargas Torres, Paula Ulloa, Sofia Vila, Yaiza Pons

Image: © Natural Building Lab




constructive design &
climate adaptive architecture
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