Every semester we supervise a number of bachelor/master thesis projects as part of our thesis class. We see the thesis as an extension to our learning style in bachelors and masters, as such if you would like to do your thesis with us, it would be beneficial to do a design project with us before, so that you are already familiar with us, our methods and our themes. We cannot promise that we can supervise everybody who applies. 



It is always best to do the thesis in your mother language, this means that we can supervise projects in English but a number of the projects will likely be presented/discussed in German and it would be beneficial to be able to take part in all discussions. This means that you will have much more from your thesis with us, if you have a good understanding of spoken german.

Choosing a Theme

We like to see you develop your own theme and we do look very critically at the theme suggestions that we receive. In general we are most interested in projects with a strong relation to a real context as opposed to strictly theoretic or research based themes. Nevertheless the thesis offers the chance for free and radical thinking. You should be prepared to use this opportunity to develop an original, independent and personal project idea. This is especially relevant for projects with a strong or personal relationship to the project initiator*s. 

Here are some recommendations for developing your idea:

There are plenty of examples of free thesis projects to be found on our website.


So if you would still like to do your thesis with us next semester:

In SoSe 24 we do not plan to offer fixed-theme bachelor or master thesis. If you are interested in doing a free-themed thesis with us in SoSe 24 please send us an email with a 1 A4 description of your theme idea and motivation to do your thesis with us + a 1 A4 CV to info@nbl.berlin by the following dates:

SoSe 24
Deadline for Application: 07.03.24
Feedback until: 28.03.24

If you get a positive response then you should submit a longer (2-3 A4) Exposé including your theme, learning goals, source material and time-plan by the date indicated in the IfA Zeitplan für Freie Themen – this is usually in the first week of the semester.

If you would like to discuss your theme with us before you submit then just send us an email to info@nbl.berlin – we are actually very friendly 🙂