Mobile Outpost & Event Location 
SoSe 18

Transported in a bicycle trailer, the “Pop-Up-Hub” can be assembled wherever the Natural Building Lab wants to present itself, at different locations in Berlin and in different constellations and arrangements. The flexibility of the system offers spaces of different scales that can be adjusted to embed into local urban structures. Thus the Hub can reach people who do not normally come into contact with the students of the TU Berlin by forming a versatile place of encounter. Involvement leads to awareness, which we define as the basis for a sustainable acting society. The Hub helps to disseminate the knowledge produced by the Natural Build Lab studio and to present the students’ work in new contexts. By invites diverse actors to interact with the Natural Building Lab and its philosophy, the Hub will form a base for discourse on a post-fossil furture.

The Hub will become a workshop as well as a lecture hall and a showroom, stimulating awareness and participation. Long term, the Hub will become the base for a growing network of projects built in the Natural Building Lab studio. 

For more Information: hub@nbl.berlin

constructive design &
climate adaptive architecture
Technische Universität Berlin
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