Since 2001, EnviroSustain has been providing flexible and holistic sustainability solutions to European commercial real estate firms.

As part of a positive impact campaign in 2022, ES made donations to Rewilding Europe, supporting the European Young Rewilders and the comeback of wild horses. This led to further discussions about the importance of biodiversity and rewilding landscapes and the most beneficial ways to provide more long-term impactful support.

Starting in 2023, a new ten-year partnership will see ES donating a percentage of their turnover each year to the European Wildlife Comeback Fund in order to support the work of Rewilding Europe in expanding species reintroductions. In addition, the ES team will provide pro bono architectural and sustainability advice to support Rewilding Europe and the Rewilding Europe Network organisations, particularly Rewilding Oder Delta with the aim of achieving sustainability improvements at offices and rewilding centres.