Gropius Bau

The Gropius Bau is one of Europe’s most important exhibition venues. With its acclaimed contemporary and archaeological exhibitions, the Gropius Bau has consistently opened up new realms of experience and established its international reputation.

In view of its eventful history and the variety of institutions that have been active here over the years, the Gropius Bau is organised as an open framework for addressing a broad variety of artistic modes of thinking and their social implications. Through active collaboration with contemporary artists involved in the programme, creative processes are revealed, new perspectives opened up and the possibilities of the institution reflected.

In 2001, the Berliner Festspiele took over the operation and management of the venue. Since then, the Gropius Bau has become a renowned venue for modern and contemporary art in dialogue with archaeology and cultural history. Since February 2018, Stephanie Rosenthal is the Director of the Gropius Bau. Her programme is focused on opening up the institution as a location for artistic creation and exchange. Stephanie Rosenthal positions artists at the centre of the exhibition programme as contributors, employing the principle of “Walking in the Artist’s Mind” to address the notion of studios and workshops that existed here in the era of the Museum of Decorative Arts. Furthermore, she continues the tradition of presenting archaeological collections, linking these to current issues and discourses.