Bacherlors WP Seminar 6LP
Naturbaustoffe, Materialien und Techniken – Theorie und Praxis

35 Teilnehmer*innen
Leider NUR Bachelors dieses Semester

Auftakt: 17.04 / 14:00-15:00 / Halle 2
Theorieteil: Mittwoch 08.05 Hybride Ausstrahlung
Praxisworkshops: Mi 15/05 + Mi 12/06 + Mi 03/07 voraus. 10-16:00 ACK

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How To NBL Seminar

Earth building techniques such as earth bricks, cobb, rammed earth, and wattle & daub are among the oldest building methods known to mankind and are still of great importance in today’s highly technologised building industry. Due to its potential for life-cycle construction and its positive effect on interior room climate, earthen materials offer considerable advantages to architects and clients. In the seminar we will learn the theoretical and practical basics for the application of earth building materials using different techniques. As part of a cooperation with Gropiusbau and artist Kerstin Brätsch, we will explore potential applications for these construction techniques in the context of a planned intervention in Gropiusbau in Spring 2025 in the form of large-scale prototypes and mock-up finishes 

With: Julian Mönig, Matthew Crabbe, Eike Roswag-Klinge, Sophie Blochwitz