Guerilla Architects

Guerilla Architects is a multi-disciplinary artist collective based in Berlin. By focusing their work on spatial interventions and socio-critical art projects, they approach urban development by being „guerilla“. This means that great value is not necessarily only created by building on a grand scale. On the contrary, by working with existing structures, it often only requires minimally invasive interventions in order to give new meaning to former invisible spaces. Guerilla Architects draw on the untapped potential of political, legal und spatial grey zones as well as the free resources which are available due to the abundance and overproduction of urban society.

The collective works cooperatively, research-based and site-specific as a critical spatial praxis with a special regard placed on social and environmental sustainability. Believing in the performative potential of architecture that can moderate diverging interests in open processes of design forms their shared creative basis. Furthermore, the active involvement in the socio-spatial development of their own living and working environment is an important source of inspiration.

Guerilla Architects work appropriative, flexible, informal, now, context-specific, performative, political, playful, in networks. Their work can also be described as “spatial activism” or “performative urbanism”.