Science Gallery Berlin

Science Gallery Berlin is a new platform at TU Berlin that is part of the acclaimed Science Gallery International network. It is dedicated to bringing new experiences, participatory events, exhibitions and educational programs that lie at the intersection between art and science. Our mission is to be a crucible for igniting curiosity, surprise and inquiry in the lives of young people between the ages of 15 and 25. We seek to unlock the creative potential of our community through developing innovative approaches to science communication, while not shying away from exploring some of the most pressing problems facing contemporary society.

Part of TU Berlin’s core goals is to allow cutting-edge research in the academy to positively impact our daily lives through the development of new technologies, research fields, knowledge assets and the advancement of sustainable frameworks for driving public policy decisions.

Science Gallery Berlin will be a conduit for this transfer of knowledge, while also providing our community the opportunity to advance their skills in a world mediated through ever-changing technologies. By presenting myriad hybrid art/science programs, we seek to develop an adaptable framework for sensemaking that will assist in navigating the complexities of the world we find ourselves in today.