Habitat Unit

The Habitat Unit is a globally networked research and teaching centre developing new approaches, expertise and application-oriented tools relevant for global urbanisation and urban change processes. The Habitat Unit is committed to an inclusive and rights based approach to urban policy, urban management as well as development-oriented and actor-driven planning.


Based at the School of Architecture at the Technische Universität Berlin, the Habitat Unit promotes an extended understanding of urban and architectural design, which integrates spatial, material and cultural sensitivities with new models of participation, co-production and urban governance.

By exploring emerging spatial and material constellations and the embedded social, economic and governance processes as actor networks the Habitat Unit speculates on changing roles for planners and architects to help in the shaping of transformation-to-sustainability processes. Recent research has explored urban informalities, translocal space making, urban-rural interlinkages, emerging forms of coproduction as well as strategic scenarios building and speculative design exploring urban futures.