As one of Berlin’s largest institutions the TU has the potential to set a positive example for the use of timber in prominent public buildings. As part of a joint funding application with the Bezirk Charlottenburg, in 2022 the TU will be realizing a 1000qm pavilion on the campus to provide an impulse for visitors and to facilitate more interaction between the university and the city. The pavilion should become an innovative communication and exhibition space, that can provide space for an open trans-disciplinary dialogue between science, art and society as an embodiment of the principles of citizen science.

Image: Inter-disciplinary Lernkonferenz & Ausstellung IfA Foyer, Feb 2020
© Matthew Crabbe

The space will aim to anchor the knowledge being produced in the university with the needs of the surrounding community and the wider city. The expanded usage concept will be developed in a participatory process between actors from the university, potential co-operation partners from the surrounding neighborhood and civil society at large.

The key task of the design studio will be to develop constructive pre-designs for the pavilion as part of an integrated and trans-disciplinary team including students from the Makerspace studio being offered by the Habitat Unit. A series of PIVs will be offered jointly by FG DE/CO, Habitat Unit, NBL and Digitale Architektur und Nachhaltigkeit . We will delve deeper into the design and detailing of an innovative LowTech structural system in timber, focusing on the integration of structure, design and material from the outset of the project and integrating a large-scale model building task in the new IfA Bau Werkstatt in the Ackerstraße. In a second design studio in SoSe 20 the pre-designs will be united to one final design and further detailed in a constructive design phase.


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In the first phase groups collaborated with civil engineers from FG Verbundstrukturen to design a structural system for a 20m spanning building using recovered timber as a resource. 

With: Aaron Johannes Geier, Alejandro Palacio Siebe, Amina Ghisu, Anna Lawicka, Anna Sujkowska, Christoph Psykalla, Christoph Wittor, Clara Rummer, Clara Wunderlich, Daniel Geistlinger, David Lau, Dora Joppien, Elena Valter, Friederike Rau, Gabor Kirsch, Gian-Luca Berk, Hannah Steinborn, Hendrik Steuernagel, Jacob Steinberg, Johann Wilms, Jule Jünger, Julian Olbrisch, Jurek Widowski, Justine Rognon, Ladina Bürgisser, Laura Kosse, Leonie Rüschoff, Lisa Kolkowski, Lucas Jähnig, Luke Monty Kuhl, Magdalena Stepien, Mahsa Fallah, Mailes Stichling, Mairi Zountsa, Mara Müller-de Ahna, Marie-Luise Schlesinger, Maxim von Helden, Melanie Schwiewagner, Moritz Henes, Moritz Rücker, Mytro Klimi, Neele Sofie Thrän, Nere Guarrotxena, Nikolas Schleeh, Noemie Tschabold, Ruth Mömkemöller, Ruth Walter, Simon Sinopoli, Sophie Blochwitz, Søren Peters, Theresa Jung, Therese Rackwitz, Toja Prigge