12. Juni – 31. Oktober 2021
am Anhalter Bahnhof Berlin
(Askanischer Platz, hinter dem Portal)
Open Air, freier Eintritt, jederzeit zugänglich

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© Matthew Crabbe, Natural Building Lab

The open air exhibition and culture space ZU/FLUCHT is the outcome of 18 months of cooperation between Natural Building Lab, Stiftung Exilmuseum Berlin and a network of cooperation partners from the TU Berlin and beyond. ZU/FLUCHT is the first step towards to the new Exilmuseum, which will be built at Anhalter Bahnhof by Stiftung Exilmuseum in the coming years. For five months, the museum will be temporarily located in former tempohome containers that were until recently used to accommodate those seeking refuge in Berlin. Besides information and content from Stiftung Exilmuseum and NBL, the exhibition also showcases the results of the Habitat Unit research project “Architectures of Asylum” and contents from the “We Refugees Archive”.


As part of a DesignBuild studio, students from Natural Building Lab investigated the material, use and transformation potential of the containers. Using this knowledge the design was developed in cooperation with an inter-disciplinary team over two online semesters and built by the same group in May 2021 over a period of 5 weeks. In its reuse and modification of existing tempohome containers it connects the theme of exile to current discourse and stimulates a discussion about material waste and reuse in the building sector. 

The tower was one of the most ambitious elements and is based on a modified and strengthened container complimented by a timber staircase. Unlike shipping containers, tempohome containers were not designed with stacking in mind.
The installation occupies the site behind the historic portico of Anhalter Bahnhof
Official opening

The tempohome containers that constitute the installation were originally conceived as a cheap, fast and temporary housing solution – in short: they were not designed with a second life-time in mind. In mid-2020, when the first container rolled into the Natural Building Lab workshop, the first task was to understand what material resources they contain. The spatial modifications on display in the installation should suggest possible new futures for some of the 5000 tempohome containers procured by Land Berlin since 2016, many of which are facing an uncertain future, especially because they do not conform to Berlin’s building regulations for housing. 

The staircase was assembled horizontally in the IfA Bau Workshop Ackerstr.
Additional bracing was required to compensate for the removed walls.

Stiftung Exilmuseum Berlin, Cornelia Vossen, Dana Müller, Meike-Marie Thiele, Philipp Sukstorf, Sarah Blendin

Entwurf, Planung und Ausführung:
Natural Building Lab, Institut für Architektur, Technische Universität Berlin

Adrien Bressan, Antonia Leicht, Antonia Noll, Clara Kraus, Demi George, Prof. Eike Roswag-Klinge, Felix Schons, Felix Tholl, Greta Altenburger, Greta Wörmann, Johanna Bäumer, Johannes Rau, Laila Palmirini, Lara Jensen, Laura Schwarzenberger, Leon Klassen, Lilyana Toneva, Lisa van Heyden, Lisa Kolkowski, Lukas Wichmann, Mahmoud Alkhnifes, Maire Cordts, Matthew Crabbe, Max Pfeffer, Moritz Henes, Nina Pawlicki, Paul Girod, Paul Porath, Philipp Sumpf, Phillip Arndt, Reingard Hesse, Thalia Budin

Sina Jansen

The stage container is stripped of all of its walls and nested in a timber under-construction, it provides a focus and centre to the exhibition.

Inhalte Forschungsprojekt „Architekturen des Asyls“:
Habitat Unit, Institut für Architektur, Technische Universität Berlin
Antonia Noll, Aline Fraikin, Ayham Dalal, Philipp Misselwitz, Veronica Zaripova

Weitere Kooperationen:
morgen. (Beate Kapfenberger, Martha Starke, Nina Manara)
Fachgebiet für Tragwerksentwurf und -konstruktion TEK (Hendrik Behrens, Yury Sokolov, Prof. Riccardo La Magna)
Fachgebiet Planungs- und Bauökonomie/Immobilienwirtschaft (Stine Kolbert)
IfA Bau, DesignBuild Workshop, TU Berlin (Felix Tholl, Jonathan Lewkowicz)
We Refugees Archive / Minor Projektkontor für Bildung und Forschung (Anne von Oswald)

Assembly of tower in horizontal position.
Placement of tower onto its plinth.

sans serif (Ina Munzinger, Katrin Schmitt-Tegge)

Hruby Werbetechnik GmbH

Technische Beratung:
ZRS Ingenieure (Hendrik Behrens, Uwe Seiler)

Zweisprachkunst Brian Currid

With: Adrien Bressan, Antonia Leicht, Clara Kraus, Demi George, Félix Schons, Felix Tholl, Greta Altenburger, Greta Wörmann, Hanna Bäumer, Johannes-Andreas Rau, Laila Kuchinke Palmarini, Lara Jensen, Laura Schwarzenberger, Leon Klaßen, Lilyana Toneva, Lisa Kolkowski, Lisa van Heyden, Lukas Wichmann, Mahmoud Alkhnifes, Maire Cordts, Matthew Crabbe, Max Pfeffer, Moritz Henes, Nina Pawlicki, Paul Girod, Paul Porath, Philipp Sumpf, Phillip Arndt, Eike Roswag-Klinge, Reingard Hesse, Sina Jansen, Thalia Budin