ZRS Architekten Ingenieure

ZRS Architekten Ingenieure was founded in 2003 as an integrated design and engineering partnership in Berlin. With our two firms ZRS Architekten GvA mbH and ZRS Ingenieure GmbH, we provide a large range of services including architecture, structural engineering, building certification, sustainability consultation, specialist assessments, material development and testing as well as academic work in the form of research projects and teaching.


With responsibility for more than 60% of worldwide CO2 emissions and its status as the world’s largest consumer of non-renewable energy resources, the construction industry is directly responsible for the dramatic state of our planet and it’s rapidly deteriorating climate. As designers we see it as our responsibility to minimise our societies reliance on our planet’s finite fossil resources.

In pursuit of this aim we have developed our key competency in the use of natural building materials, primarily timber, earth and bamboo. With ambitious clients and partners our projects aim to promote the innovative usage of local and renewable materials both at home and abroad.